Portraits & Studio

Portrait & Studio Photographer

If you are looking for first-class portrait or studio photography, Rod is the man to call. Rod is renowned for perfectly capturing the essence and personality in his clients portrait sessions, creating timeless pieces of art. From his Somerset based Studio, Rod specialises in creative and contemporary portrait photography.

How Rod takes Portrait & Studio Photography

Studio portraiture is an incredibly versatile genre of photography: images can be anything from bright, punchy, high-key images full of light and energy, to dark, intense images that draw the viewer to the subjects eyes. And a whole lot in between! 

More often than not, Rod’s clients take advantage of beautiful locations for some portraits and then switch into his dedicated studio for something completely different – sometimes even during the same session. 

That isn’t always the case of course: if classic studio photography is your thing then Rod is always more than happy to dedicate the whole session to being under studio lights. It’s completely your choice.