About Me

Hello, I'm Rod Warren

I am a photographer based in South Somerset.  I have a passion for creating  natural and imaginative images which provide lasting memories. I look beyond what is right in front of me and use my vision to capture images that often others do not see.

How I came to do photography

I have been a photographer for over 30 years starting out with Practica camera, lent to me by father in law.

I soon recognised that I had a passion for photography and so bought myself a Nikon F7 and won many competitions with it.

To-date  I have photographs used by National TV and newspapers covering  many subjects of News.

As the age of digital came along I struggled with lack of manual modes. But DLSR cameras have come a long, long way from where they began. Now with  complete Manual options  available, it allows me to create stunning images.

I am always looking to create that unique image by studying my surroundings and getting to now my clients. Being professional at all times is paramount in this industry, as I am creating life time memories for clients.

I have been asked what do I specialise in,  my answer is “taking photographs”.

I cover many different fields of photography the answer is always…


Specialised Areas

I am a registered member of the British Institute of Professional Photography.