Equestrian Photographer

Rod’s specialities are Show Jumping, Dressage, Cross Country, Polo, Endurance, Preparation for Sale as well as providing much cherished photographs for grass roots riders and horse owners.

Whatever your equine photography needs however ambitious or humble, Rod’s mission is to exceed your expectations.

How Rod came to do Equestrian Photography

Rod’s initiation into equine photography was purely by chance, he was talking to a friend who asked if he photographed horses, as her daughter would love a photo of her grey mare.

So one afternoon Rod asked if he could meet Shannon the grey mare and have an afternoon, finding out a bit about Horses / ponies. From their Rod got the bit between his teeth, he Saddled up and went to meet her daughter who was very informative and gave him lots of information.

So later that week Rod went over to the Stable Yard, where he was introduced to  Shannon the Grey Mare and Also Dandy who was a huge Painted Stallion. Who both stood very proud in their Stables.

After acquainting with them Rod went off out into the fields and they were quite inquisitive towards the camera.

This is what struck Rod straight away, there was a connection between himself and the horses immediately. Rod Suddenly felt a connection and a rush of confidence around the horses, and he was able to create some fantastic shots. Since his first encounter with the Horses & Ponies he has  studied and followed all elements of the Equestrian world.

Having now photographed at the International Horse Trials at Badminton, to local events which include Bicton arena, and Chard equestrian. Where they have a fantastic set up covering Cross Country, Show Jumping and dressage, the beauty of these events is that Rod can get up and close to horses and riders studying their every movement and continually asking questions.

But regardless of the size of the event he has always approach them with the same level of importance.

Rod feels as a photographer you should know your subject matter in detail to get that Amazing shot.

There was an amazing book written 2000 years ago by a Greek General Xenophon he stated that riding is the fusion of two living beings—horse and rider—into a living work of art with a unique beauty. Rod believes that he would now of added a third element “The Photographer” 2000 years on !

Rod is now a confident professional Equine photographer and by doing this style of photography he has created lifetime memories of riders and their Loved ones he will cherish forever.